Operating lines


The Platform aims to represent the entire landscape of the fashion education in Italy. To do this, it will gradually get in touch with schools, academies, institutes and universities and will communicate its identity and goals through printed and multimedia tools.

Research and Analysis

PSFM will sponsor a yearly analysis of:

  • Total number of enrolled students for all partners;
  • Their places of origin;
  • Their educational career;
  • Number of graduates;
  • Channels and timing to enter the professional world.

It will systematically gather data from trade associations or institutional sources that depict in details the needs of the professional market in the textile-clothing industry. It will moreover select and advertise the best projects developed by partner schools with the aim of conveying the uniqueness of the Italian education system.

Acknowledgment process

The Platform will promote a strong sensitization action towards institutions to obtain the gradual acknowledgment, by the competent bodies, of all suitable partners. In particular, it will develop its relations with the local education superintendency and, through it, with the Ministry of Public Education.

New talents, new occupations

Thanks to the gathered data, the Platform will coordinate the adjustment of the educational offer of its partners to the market needs, also focusing on less popular professional segments. It will also try and emphasize new professions and increase awareness by their reference target, in particular by younger people, through events, publications, meetings by schools, conventions and a dedicated website. It will also involve trade associations, trade unions and institutions, to create transversal consent and a sense of belonging. The Platform will promote patronage and mentoring by gathering a team of enterprises, associations and individuals that can economically and practically help the development of new talents through grants, sponsorships and the creation of a permanent incubatory structure specifically dedicated to former students of partner schools. Research programs or start-ups will be financially supported with private and public funds.