Research and Analysis

PSFM is in the first place an observatory that analyses national and foreign educational worlds, from a quantitative and qualitative point of view. It issues yearly field researches and provides data upon request and upon approval of the Board of Directors.


The Platform selects institutes that stand for credentials by the Ministry of Public Education and promotes their institutional acknowledgement for the issuing of university degree certificates.

New talents, new occupations

PSFM promotes initiatives that, by pointing out the relevance of new professional roles, support students’ orientation and placement according to the actual needs of the Italian companies. The Platform works towards a clear information about all professional roles in the fashion system, especially the less popular ones, in order to emphasize those highly requested positions on the market that are not matched by an equal availability of newly educated professionals. Providing education in line with the market requests is therefore a basic and constant concern. PSFM selects and gives visibility to new talents trained by its partners, by creating or participating in events that convey the high level of education of the trained students. It strongly promotes the organization of a whole range of initiatives aimed to the creation of new talents, through the cooperation with incubators, existing prizes and contests and by placing itself as a privileged interface for the selection of excellences in all fields of the fashion system.

Services to students

The Platform coordinates and promotes initiatives to help foreign students come to Italy and stay, by developing relations with the competent institutional bodies and by creating social occasions and promoting cultural events in town.

Institutional relations

The PSFM activity within institutional relations is focused, at a national level, on the build up of relations with the Ministries of Public Education and Labour and with the competent council offices in Municipalities, Provinces and Regions and with professional trade unions in order to obtain the acknowledgment of the study certificates issued by its partners, create a welcome policy for foreign students, obtain financial support for development and research projects and, in general, act as a joint between the educational and professional worlds.

International Relations

At an International level, PSFM refers to bodies that, as the British Fashion Colleges Council, share its same goals and act in its same direction. Moreover, it develops relations with educational institutes and associations that represent the fashion industry, such as the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture or the Council of Fashion Designers of America.