Founder members

Nine of the current partners of the Platform have equally contributed to its establishment. In this page you can find the structure of Piattaforma with members and areas of belonging.

Ordinary members – schools

Any school, institution or university that submits a request can become a member, as long as they share the strategic goals and fit into one of the areas of the PSFM structure.

Ordinary members – non schools

Any professional association that is interested in education in the fashion area can become a member:

  • Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana
  • Fondazione Altagamma
  • Fondazione Ferrè
  • SMI – Sistema Moda Italia
  • Unione Artigiani della Provincia di Milano

Supporting members and well-deserving members

Fashion and non-fashion brands, companies and institutions that are willing to play a strong sponsorship role, appearing in all the Platform publications and having visibility in all events can become members. In special cases, upon approval of the Board of Directors, they can become members of the Board of Directors itself.

Honorary members

Associations and organizations that directly or indirectly help PSFM reaching its goals and that operate in alike fields can become members.

Honorary Council

Individuals of the fashion industry, culture or education that show professional or cultural excellence in the fashion field or alike can become members of the Honorary Council.

Areas of belonging

Schools are gathered into areas that represent the main educational goals:

  • Technical- Professional area

    technical/planning courses or professional/craftmade specialization courses that are mainly provided by secondary institutions;

  • Planning Area

    projecting/creative courses, post-degree or post-university;

  • Economical and Managerial Area

    post-degree or post-university courses with a strong managerial approach;

  • Classical Area

    post-degree or post-university courses with a strong research approach.